About Us

About us

Education For All

THE Bright Children’s Academy (TBCA) get established in 1996, whereas it started in 2014. It is one of the best English school in Amber. Initially it provides education till 8Th standard and with the advancement with the time it has benefitted more than 300 students. Bright scholar helps in promoting the idea of education for all the students it also focused on promoting girl’s education. Bright scholar NGO has emphasized education to those kids who are unprivileged by Providing them cost free education, this helps to those kids also who are willing to learn who want to get educated but due to lack of money they were not get educated. The great initiative taken by bright scholar for the brighter future of the country.


We Believe that Every child deserves equal opportunities


Learning should not have barriers.


The Talent in every child is unique and should be Tapped.


Every child deserves equal opportunities.


Education is crucial for child’s development and future.

Vision & Mission


To form the basis of the future where education is no longer restricted by any sort of financial resources and where every child has equal opportunity to attain their maximum potential and become independent. We believe everyone has the right of having basic education, also we are trying to provide higher-level education on our levels, still, that is not sufficient where we are developing fundraising ideas to get the required help through charity fundraising or ,fundraising for charity. Little help is going to be huge at a point in future.


Our mission separates us from others where we run fundraising campaigns for non-profit, thus all funds are spent on fulling below mention mission that Bright scholar foundation took the oath to fulfil.

  • To facilitate their overall develpoment
  • To provide a supportive, enriching and fulfiling enviornment
  • To engage the childern and stakeholders
  • To contribute back to the society
  • To confer them with possibilites
  • To promote lifelong learning
  • To give a direction to their life
  • To empower the childern and their families


  • To contribute to the society
  • A child’s future should be not dependent on which background they come from
  • To help these children become independent
  • To provide help and support to the children who really need it

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